Thursday, October 30, 2014


Hi Freedom West Friends and Neighbors,

Whoopee!  The Giants won again!   Click for all the game and hoopla pictures I took at the Civic Center.  Enjoy!

(next post - November Election next Tuesday.  I'll be the precinct election supervisor at the computer center)


Late afternoon, my D-5 Action compatriot gave me these election doorhangers

To hang by your doors (more on that next posting)

Walk down Fulton St.  They are building that fancy complex across from us.

They're laying down the foundation, me talked with shareholders

Where this guy said he couldn't conveniently get out of his vehicle

When SUVs like this occupying the loading zone

Me not done with my doorhangers, got to the Civic Center three blocks away, while more new constructions

Underway, also across from Freedom West from Gough Street

Quickly down Grove Street

Pass Symphony Hall on Van Ness Street

To the Civic Center Plaza closed-by.  That's why I love living in Freedom West, so close to all the actions, where people congregating

And park rangers writing citations on people who have no permit to sell

Early innings

Giants ahead 3 to 2

Flag waving

Everybody glue onto Jumbotron

Whoopee!  Girl
Don't you love his T-shirt?

Need food?

Giants 2 runners on base, on still couldn't score

Now the plaza really got filled, all the way to the curb

Food stand from the back

Sixth inning, struck out third Royal

News van all ready

More of them across from the Main Library

How about them sausages?

Hot dogs

And drinks

Across from Larkin Street

Guess he cared less about the game

I promised I'll trick-or-treat with him tomorrow night

Enough bathrooms for everybody

It's more comfortable here than joining the crowd

The cape crusader

We took this picture ahead of time to give the Giants more luck

While the crowd is still nervous

The truck that towed the Jumbotron

Eighth Inning

Giants got struck out

People nervous, Royals at bat

Bottom of the Eighth

The man couldn't bother to watch

Late, playground still filled with parents

Watching over their kids

Top of the Ninth, Giants struck out

Bottom of the Ninth, Channel 4 News cameraman all ready

Madison Bumgarner pitched

Down One

Down Two!

Oh No!  Gave up a big hit.

Last out, final pitches

It's a pop up!

Sandoval got it!


Big Eruption

Take the corks off!

Fireworks above City Hall

And More

Strike it all up!


Channel 4 News reporter talking to the previous camera man

People celebrating

What's with him?

More celebrating

Whoop it up

That a girl!

Smooch me up!

Trophy Presentation

Well deserved

Bochy's the man!

More Valuable Player

Delirious family going home

Join in this picture with us!

They mobbed me afterward

People filing out

Out to Van Ness Street, cars honking

And more honkings

How's this orange cowhand?

Crowds filed thru City Hall

Honkings on McAllister Street too, on my way back to Freedom West

Just across the street from us, they got on this pedicab

And whizz they go!  Celebrating

Back in Freedom West, the security guard said he could hear all the roars from the Plaza.  Good night.