Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Better Late than Never

Hi Freedom West Friends and Residents,

The past week the City concluded the celebration of the Asian Lunar New Year with the San Francisco Annual Lunar New Year Parade.  I just use this occasion to give everyone in Freedom West a belated Lunar New Year Greeting.  This is especially pertinent because half of the residents in Freedom West is Asian.

For most every year I also send Christmas and New Year greetings to everybody.  This year I hadn't so I use this instant to make up my slip-up.  Since 2015 is a crucial, or may be even the final, year for our Freedom West's existence , we need some good luck sayings to inspire ourselves to carry us through this critical juncture.

I had been much re-missed in 2014 in informing everybody about Freedom West.  I hope this is the start of which I could come out of my funk and overcome my inveterate writer's block.  I hope in the coming months I could educate you, give you hopes, and to inspire you to do what is necessary to keep us together as a community and that as a result of our struggle, we can set ourselves as good examples to others as what can be possible in a very difficult situation.

It is also co-incidental that this day that I put out this blogpost, Wednesday (3/11) is a lucky day.  That is because this is the third day of the week on the eleventh day of the third month of the year.  As people familiar with the Chinese language know, "Three" () rhymes with "birth and being alive" (生) and the number eleven (十一) rhymes with the adverbial phrase "certainly number one"(实一).  That means Freedom West will come out the year not only "alive and well", but we will be "the best and number one" and our initial struggle for survival will turn out to be the "birth" of a new era.  Click for photos and our good luck blessings.  
My favorite, Muhammad Ali, will fight for Freedom West(taken last Friday at State Bldg)
And like Ali, Freedom West will be "Number One"

Berkeley Campus
Egghead David Tse
Last Friday I went a two-day conference in UC Berkeley attended by sociologists, anthropologists, management scientists, and behavioral economists.  I'm that kind of people who like to think about deep academic matters like energy, economic, environmental, and foreign policies, and in this instance, sociology and human behavior. 
Would Freedom West people come to these conferences with me?
You can say “Guanxi” is interpersonal behavior and social networking with Chinese characteristics.  I figured if I were to be able get Chinese money to help Freedom West, I better understand it better to establish "guanxi" with Chinese bankers and potential investors.  The conference had gone fair and well until a good friend pulled me out of that academic funk to go back to The City so that I may establish real guanxi, or social relationships with San Francisco politicos to rescue Freedom West. 
Forced Departure from my Conference back to SF
So here I was, Friday afternoon, attending a Chinese New Year celebratory event inside the California State Building. 
California State Building at Golden Gate and Larkin
Foods that got me fat
Ladies in Manchu court garbs
Fiona Ma and Mrs. Qipao.  I wanted Fiona in the middle, but she placed me there instead.
Phil Ting told me talk to the executive director of ChinaSF.  I'd talked to her about Freedom West long time ago already.  She needed us come up with a plan so that she can promote us to investors.
Assemblyman and former SF Board President, David Chiu and his parents.  I met them at my church's Friday night fellowship two years ago.  They live in Massachusetts, where I had my formal education.
Red will give Freedom West good lucks
The character "Fortune" over the banners of Fiona Ma, Phil Ting, and David Chiu.You can translate Phil Ting's Chinese name to be "Standing-Right" Ting and David Chiu's as "You-Better-Believe-I-Bring-Fortunes" Chiu.  I don't think they'll appreciate me bestializing their names.  No more Guanxi from them now.
The Boys and Girls Club Community Center next to Freedom West, construction near completion

Hope my attending this event, draped in red for luck and fortunes, could confer the same to you and everyone else in Freedom West and to our Co-op.

Still, the next day I went back to the Berkeley Conference to establish more guanxi's
Could these professors help Freedom West?
I told this former diplomat about Freedom West

Greetings from the Desert
Freedom West Will Receive Saudi Oil Money?
Happy Lunar New Year, Korean Style.  Korean residents will be more involved.
Freedom West will soar in 2015
Even these Korean Pop stars said so.  Wish us lucks in every way.
Wish you great fortune for the Year of the Ram
This year Freedom West is going to have great fortune.  We will get extraordinary amount of money to renovate our community, pass our REAC inspections and get to be a superb housing cooperative.

Freedom West will be SUCCESSFUL in 2015!!
身體健康 Wish Everybody living in FW Good Health
Gong Hay Fat Choy: Congratulate Us on Our Great Fortunes
青春永駐 Stay Young Forever
Freedom West will be full of energy and vitality
生活愉快 Wish You a Delightful Life

The Chinese have their lucky 4-worded adages for the New Year that begins with the character number one to ten.  We are going to use them on Freedom West.

One Sail Flows with the Wind
Freedom West will carry propitious wind in our journey.
This year will be plain sailing

Two Dragons Soar Though The Air
Freedom West I and II will fly high to show San Francisco how to get things done
Three Suns (rams) Shone Magnificent

Everything starts afresh for a Freedom West Renaissance
(or three girls flying high?)
Four Seasons of Peace and Tranquility

The Good Lord Will Keep Us Safe and Sound throughout the year

May Your Family Be Blessed

Five Fortunes Arrives at the Gate
five blessings descend upon this home (namely: longevity, wealth, health, virtue, etc.)
Six Six Smooth Running (6 6 rhymes with smooth going).  That means Freedom West will do things well and runs without a hitch
It also connotes Freedom West would have no problem passing HUD REAC inspections and all kinds of tests people place upon us
Freedom West will celebrate future successes
Seven Stars Alight in Heaven
 Stars will be aligned for Freedom West Residents and Shareholders, with God guiding our ways
Awe-inspiring all Eight Directions
 No One Can Stop Us
Eight Countenances Looking Impressive: We will learn how to be a good cooperative
Nine faces looking exquisite.  We will be clever and nimble in establish social relationships "guanxi" with developers, HUD, the City, neighbors, and with one another.

Perfect Ten: Everything's Perfect
Just like these girls, Freedom West will be perfect in every way

Friday, December 12, 2014


Merry Christmas!  Wish everybody had a good Thanksgiving.  Time is marching on to the next Big Event and New Year.

Tomorrow, as you all may know already, is the Freedom West Holiday Celebration at the Rec Hall.  Even though it’s a potluck, don’t be shy even if you not come prepared because I assure you we have enough foods for everybody.

We haven’t had a Christmas celebration for a long…long while.  We all be happy just to see you show up and get acquainted with your Freedom West neighbors.  Click for funny photos and details.

Looking forward to see you.

David Tse
Your Pseudo-Board Director
Holiday Celebration Flyer
If you couldn't see it, it said:

Freedom West Homes I and II Holiday Gathering Potluck Celebration
Come join the fun! This is the time of the year where we all get together and share this special month.  Get to know one another.  Share a laugh or two

Raffles, Door Prizes, 50/50 Cash Prize, Christmas tree, lights, Special Recognition time, Photo and Video opportunities and Dancing with DJ Bruce Jolly.

When: Saturday December 13, 2014
Where: Freedom West Homes Rec Hall
820 McAllister Street San Francisco CA  94102
Time: 4:00PM-8:00PM

Bring your favorite dish/Surprise Cultural Dish/Desserts
Sign-up Sheets are available in the office
You may call in your dish to the office, “service for 20 people” if unable to sign up in person by call (415) 929-1011
On the day of the celebration please bring your dish to the rec hall between 3pm-4pm to prepare and set up in a timely manner and start to party..
The celebration is sponsored by: Freedom West’s Hospitality/Outreach Committee
Robbyn Boykins, Chair and The Board of Directors
Please note: The committee will meet on Friday December 12, 2014 between 10am-2pm to decorate the hall.  You are more than welcome to participate.  Hope to see you all there as we celebrate such a wonderful time of the year.

Actually I don’t understand what the middle of the flyer says.  I didn’t call in but I’ll make enough potato salad for at least 10 people.  My experience with potlucks is that people will over prepared with lot of leftovers.  Please come in to help finish up the foods.  Otherwise I would have to eat potato salad the entire next week.

I went 10am as said on the flyer (Friday) to help.  Door locked. Seemed like Robbyn and the Gang had done the works already.

I went back later 

and found Robbyn Boykins cleaning up

and the Hall was completely ready for tomorrow, me hadn’t done anything.  Thank you, Robbyn and the Committee.  Good Job!!

I tried to download DJ Bruce Jolly’s pictures in action.  But this is the best I came down with.
He's Bruce Jolly
Not Bruce Lee
Is he African-American?
Or .......Uh......
Sorry Bruce if none of them is you.

Nevertheless, DJ Bruce Jolly is no stranger to Freedom West because he did a 2009 New Year Party in our Rec Hall for George Washington High School alumni that featured, with my humble paraphrasing of that announcement: “lighting …and move to the music with DJ Bruce Jolly and party with food and Line Dancing until … for the countdown.  Bring Champagne, Sparkling Cider, or your favorite for the New Year’s Toast”.  May be we’ll see you again this New Year, Bruce.

Guys and Gals, Freedom West bought all these new chairs just for you tomorrow

So, come one, come all.  Looking forward seeing you.