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If you don’t know it already, the Freedom West Board is in a frozen state right now.  That is because we have an elected board that the Management does not recognize and a non-elected board that the Court likely will not recognize.  Obviously the court is the one that has the final say but Freedom West will not get a hearing until September 3.  In the meantime, the legitimate board could not do anything and the fake board was ordered not to do anything to prevent further damage done to the community.

However, it’s not as if the fake board headed by Mohammed Soriano-Bilal had exhausted its bag of tricks.  And I write this to elicit your opinion on the next step.  That is because Soriano-Bilal and his group of attorneys are asking my team go to mediation with them.  The catch is that mediation costs lots of money.  And Soriano-Bilal is using your money for such expensive undertaking.

Also read my letter to Supervisor London Breed and Assemblyman David Chiu about my concern for my personal safety. 

I was so busy dealing with all the extra-legal shenanigans concocted by Mohammed Soriano-Bilal and his Freedom West attorney, and now “attorneys”, that I could not even catch my breath until now.  The ordeal I endured the past two months is worthy of a fiction thriller, except it occurred in real life and continuing in this very same moment.

We are in a very dangerous situation now, much of it caused by Soriano-Bilal and his accomplices  because they don’t want to be cooperative and don’t want to give up the absolute power they held the past two years.

But first the letter I wrote to San Francisco Board of Supervisor President London Breed and Assemblyman David Chiu.  I also cc to the office of Mayor Ed Lee, the Mayor's Office of Housing, and Congresswoman Pelosi's office.

Hi Assemblyman Chiu and Supervisor Breed,

It’s almost seems like deju vu that I am address this email to both of you.  Five years ago I let then Supervisor Board President Chiu about the concern for my personal safety when I was spearheading the effort to expel the corrupt management at Freedom West Homes.  The management then had its “Toughs”.  Right now I’m also spearheading the effort to expel Mohammed Soriano-Bilal, the Executive Director of the African American Culture and Art Center, from his leadership position from Freedom West Homes.

I am convinced there were abnormal practices and/or corruption under his supervision of Freedom West.  I am addressing my same personal safety concern to Supervisor Board President Breed now, as I had to then Board President Chiu previously.  I had, during an unlawful board meeting set up by Soriano-Bilal, received threat, from one of his “Toughs”.  In fact, I felt even more threaten by Soriano-Bilal than by the previous Alton Management, who ruled over Freedom West for over twenty years.  Alton Management knew the rules but Soriano-Bilal doesn’t seem to understand how far he can go.

How the huge Freedom West Project evolves should be of great concern not only to present Freedom West residents but also to The City as our evolution should affect the City’s approach in solving the housing crisis.  I had seen the connection five years ago and felt it even more so now.  However, at this point Soriano-Bilal has created a lawless jungle atmosphere within the community just to hold on the power he lost after a duly held election.  What’s occurring now had never ever happened in Freedom West’s forty-year history and according to a long time and experienced Freedom West resident, the most vindictive.

I’m making this a record of my personal safety concern.

Sincerely Yours,
David Tse
Board President-Elect, Freedom West Homes


I will explain the above letter when I get the chance.  But I need your input on what's come next below:

I could have told you more of what went on in recent weeks were much worthy of a novel.  But I have to fast forward to today because of a “mediation offer” proposed by Mohammed Soriano-Bilal’s “Freedom West attorneys” from Los Angeles.  Why he pick these attorneys from Los Angeles to represent Freedom West you have to ask him.

Below is a synopsis of recent events.

July 18:  Board Election Night – The Humble Team led by David Tse won the election with David Tse, Curtis Oler, Felix Fernandez, and Chong Park received the top four votes.  There was a three way tie between Hing Sang Chiu, Samuel Shamonda, and Renita Mason for the fifth director seat.  According to election inspector Rick Lewis, the fifth seat is vacant until further disposition of the new Board, which is now compose of 8 Board Members, the ninth seat vacant because of the tie: David Tse, Curtis Oler, Chong Park, Felix Fernandez, William Yi, Khorla Henry, Mohammed Soriano-Bilal, and Gideon Tesfaye.  Election Inspector certified the election results the same night.  Gideon Tesfaye  angrily threw back the invitation for the July 19 organization meeting because his team lost.

July 19:  Invitation email send out to all Board Members for an organization meeting according to the Freedom West Bylaws.  Soriano-Bilal and Gideon Tesfaye refused to attend.  The remaining six members elected David Tse Board President, Khorla Henry Vice President, Curtis Oler Secretary, and William Yi Treasurer

July 20:  Board President David Tse informed HUD and Kalco of the election and organization meeting results.  Asked Barry Levy of Kalco Properties notify Freedom West shareholders of election results.  He refused.  Instead Kalco mailed out the 8-page Mohammed Soriano-Bilal slandering letter against the newly elected board members this very same day.  The Bilal Board prepared for this moment way before the election result.  If they win, fine.  If they lost, they’ll continue to hang on to power.

July 28:  Bilal and Kalco requested the San Francisco Community Land Trust and the League of Women Voters to participate in an unlawful Recall/Organization Meeting.  The Recall attempt aborted and Soriano-Bilal unlawfully adjourned the meeting but majority of Board Members stayed behind.  The original July 19 Election of Officers was again ratified under extremely stressful situation created by Management and the Freedom West security guards.

August 3: Second attempt for a Recall.  The five newly-elected board members were unlawfully removed by in a vote count done by the League of Women Voters.  The League claimed not to take responsibilities for any illegalities if and when incur for this vote.

August 10:  Mohammed Soriano created a fake board with its concomitant slate of board officers:  Mohammed Soriano-Bilal Board President, Gideon Tesfaye Vice President, Renita Mason Board Secretary, and Samuel Shamonda Treasurer.  Note only the first two are real Board Members, the latter two are mere shareholders.

August 11:  Kalco quickly posted the fake board officers name throughout the complex, with the expectation that Soriano-Bilal will appoint his other accomplices to be board directors four days later, on Friday August 14.  The same day, an extremely biased shareholder panel put together by Bilal and chaired by his friend Daryl Stitt stripped David Tse of his Freedom West tenancy.

August 12:  David Tse et al. filed Temporary Restraining Order at the California Superior Court to prevent Mohammed Soriano-Bilal and Kalco from doing further damages.  Judge granted TRO.

August 14:  The illegal board meeting cancelled.  Soriano-Bilal’s unlawful plan to stack up a fake board aborted.  Freedom West Board frozen:  any board actions by either the elected board or the fake board members prohibited.

August 17:  Received Fisher Forensic lab results of election ballot.  Soriano-Bilal must have spent thousands of Freedom West money for this company to prove his allegation of ballot frauds.  No frauds found.

August 18:  The newly hired Los Angeles attorneys to represent Freedom West (bringing a total of three lawyers represent Freedom West) proposed a mediation session on Friday August 21 to Chong Park and Curtis Oler to reinstate them to be board members (no offer made to his chief opponent, David Tse).  The mediation service at ADR would be cost free for these members.  Freedom West will foot the entire bill of at least $4,000 and that doesn’t even count attorney’s fees.

This blog is long enough already and I have yet to give details to the individual events.  I should stop at this point but I will continue later.  I have expressed extreme dismay at how Soriano-Bilal never blink his eye to waste Freedom West money just to keep himself in power.

I have expressed to the team members mediation in general is good, but we should not spend Freedom West’s money for this service.  If Bilal wanted it, let him spend his own money to ADR and we will listen.  The Freedom West attorneys fee still must be paid though.  I received enough criticisms from my African American supporters for even walk into the Bilal’s Eviction Committee trap without any legal representation and got hammered as such. 

My conversation with the team members were the following:

"I don't know we are going to mediate over what.  Freedom West pay, paying on service over conflicts that shouldn't happen in the first place.  This is just amazing.  Confidential? (Who cares?)  I think people should know about this outrage."

"Do you want to participate or not?  Please advise."

"I'll participate if it's FREE, really cost-free, not "Freedom West paying for it".  I could not in my conscience spend Freedom West money on this.  It's a stigma against my character just for the convenience of appearing "reasonable"."

"I'm available at that time too.  And I concur with Curtis in that (we questioned) what mediation might accomplish at this time and why should we spending Freedom West public money for something we don't clearly understand.

Also I'm preparing to go public on this initiative of theirs.  I do not like the "confidentiality" aspect of this so-called mediation.  I've been fighting all these years for transparency.  Let everything spoken go public.  We have nothing to hide.  If anything, they are the one who's hiding something.  Let's set a good example for the community."

Overall you can see I'm pretty pissed off at Soriano-Bilal's wastage of Freedom West funds.

Curtis Oler, being a pretty good lawyer himself, advised us to listen to what the other side has to say, otherwise we could be construe as unreasonable to the judge during the September 3 court hearing.

Well, dear readers, what do you think?  It’s your money!  Should we conspire with Mohammed Soriano-Bilal to spend thousands of your dollars this Friday to pay ADR and his L.A. attorneys.  Or should we ask him to pay out of his own pocket because it’s mainly about his hanging on to power.  Why should we have to pay for him?

I also wrote William Yi and Sam Shamonda:

Hi, Sam and William,

Do you know Mohammed is hiring two more attorneys from L.A. to represent Freedom West on top of Julian Davis?  They also ask us to go to a mediator to talk about whatever we don't know anything about.  They said we don't have to worry about the mediation cost because we (me, Oler, and Park) don't have to pay for it.  Freedom West is footing the bill.  Do you realize that mediation cost at least $3,000 per session, and that's excluding attorneys (and mediator’s hourly) fee?

Furthermore, Bilal has already got a forensic company to examine the 7/18 ballots.  I got the result from the company and that doesn't even prove anything.  Don't be surprised that cost another thousands of dollars.  Had anyone of you approved that expense?

I hadn’t gotten any response from either one yet.  But I do know months ago Sam Shamonda complained vehemently to Soriano-Bilal about his transfer of the control of Freedom West bank account to Kalco at San Rafael without the Treasurer’s knowledge.

Sam Shamonda says he always defended me in front of Bilal whenever the rest of the Bilal bunch tried to swamp me with lawsuits.  At least there’s somebody of conscience under the Bilal Board.  I wonder about how he thinks about this type of misuse of Freedom West funds now.

Once more, what's your opinion of what I still consider, a flagrant misuse of Freedom West funds by Soriano-Bilal on useless "mediation service"?  Actually his attorneys' letter sounded more like veiled threats to the two board members.  Should I and the team go to this complete wastage of what little money we have?

Tuesday, July 28, 2015



Dear Freedom West Residents and Shareholders,

I heard it from the grapevine (just like weeks earlier I heard that Mohammed Soriano-Bilal was going to void the election if results don't turn his way) that Rick Lewis, our independent election inspector, was approached by Soriano-Bilal to conduct tonight's illegal RECALL election.  Instead of participating as he normally obliged, Mr. Lewis not only refused to engage, but indicated he will never ever do any Freedom West elections again, ending his 20+ years relationship with our co-op.
Rick Lewis, 2011, in less tumultuous days, but the start of craziness
I could definitely understand how Mr. Lewis feels.  He felt his impartial independence got compromised by consistent interference from the Board and Kalco Management in the election process that only he normally controlled.

Rick Lewis is an experienced election inspector who has been giving co-op education classes and conduct multiple board elections throughout California and the Bay Area.  He knows whether an election smell right or not, but he was restricted by instructions given by boards, i.e. the board presidents.  Mr. Lewis normally opted out of the legal interpretation business but make sure the election procedural mechanics going as instructed and non-contestable as much as possible.

Throughout the past two years anyone of knowledge could see the Soriano-Bilal Board had consistently flouting the Freedom West Bylaws that could put its actions and decisions to legal challenge.  Mr. Lewis could see through it but it's not his role to question.  I saw in recent elections, whether that of board or of loan votes, Freedom West had placed tremendous demand and strain on him that compromise his integrity and credibility.  The loud ruckus caused by Kalco employee Daniel English last Saturday evening during vote count was more than he could bear.

Involvement in potential lawsuits is the last thing Rick Lewis wanted.  Tonight's illegal Recall election is the last straw that breaks the camel's back.  What it amounts to is that Mohammed Soriano-Bilal is essentially call into question Rick Lewis's management throughout this entire past election and disputing the validity of the impartial inspector's certified election result.  Rick Lewis resigned rather engaging to give credence to another "election" that reeks of foul odors.

What's going to happen tonight?  Would Mohammed Soriano-Bilal go to pick any so-called "independent election inspector" off the street to do his bidding?  Or will Kalco Management cooperate with him just the way they conducted his "poll" on the Rehab/Redevelop vote?

We all knew how it turned out - full of deceits which they tried to hide but couldn't because of my photo evidence, with San Francisco police showed up to spare.
Kalco Properties Attorney to Me
Kalco wanted me to take the incriminating photo down and resorted to legal threat the moment I refused.  Will we see that sort of duplicity repeat again tonight?  With "Board/Management" cooperation? (I will forewarn the Fillmore Northern Station about this RECALL vote tonight lest Mohammed Soriano-Bilal managed to produce a rowdy scene just like last time).
The chaos in 5/21/15, with police in the middle, was largely the Board's doing
Just remember, in the end of the 8-page diatribe against me he said "When you come to the board meeting, if you find chaos, arguing and confusion, I would PUSH FOR A RECALL!" Well, he doesn't have the patience to wait for that.  He's doing it the other way around.  He is PUSHING FOR A RECALL and invite ample opportunities for "chaos, arguing and confusion", may be even get the Freedom West security into the act.  Who knows what kind of deals he could concoct up this time.

Below is a reply email I received from Mr. Rick Lewis:
Mr Tse;
I want to be clear that I have not been asked to oversee a Recall Election, not have I refused to take part in a recall.
The reason I am stepping aside from monitoring the elections at Freedom West is due to this type of misinformation being distributed.
There has been too much of this in recent elections, and my role as an impartial party is compromised when false statements are attributed to me.
Rick Lewis
The reason I could not check out all the facts with regard to Mr. Lewis is that his normal practice is to communicate with incumbent board presidents only.  As I said, I heard the news from the grapevine.  I'm glad he corrected part of what I said, and I welcome Mr. Lewis to correct any other parts of the above posting.  (David Tse)

(7/28) Blank

(7/28) What Happened After the Election: Soriano-Bilal Strikes Back

Monday, July 27, 2015

(7/27) Curtis Oler our new board member: Inspiration

My email 6 hours earlier
My name is with the White House info mail list.  Today I received this email that featured Haben Girma, a disability advocate who was honored by President Obama at the White House.  That Ms. Girma is deaf/blind is especially touching and relevant to Freedom West because one of our new African-American Board Member, Curtis Oler, is also blind.  He was an accomplished attorney before blindness struck him.

As mentioned in his election flyer, he was licensed to practice in the Supreme Court as well as with various federal circuit courts, among other accomplishments.  In this election, he stepped up for us in spite of his disability.  He had gone out his personal shell so should all of us able-bodied ones.  Curtis is an inspiration for all of us Freedom West residents and shareholders.  All of us should step up just as he did to do whatever we can to save our community and to build it to a great one.   Click on what Curtis had done with the new board over the weekend and for Haben Girma’s statement about social attitudes with the disabled.
Haben Girma greeted by President Obama
Last Saturday (7/25) the new Humble Board members attended a San Francisco Co-op Town Hall at the African-American Arts and Culture Center to learn about co-op finance and shareholders rights/responsibilities.  It was presented by the National Association of Housing Cooperatives (NAHC).  The Humble Board is quick to learn and the first to serve.  We walk the talk.  As exhibited in our flyers, we mean business.

Unfortunately I hadn't seen any other Freedom West board members or candidates came to learn from these free classes.  They all heard about it from a previous board meeting, but they chose to skip. In fact, I had never seen any incumbent board directors ever attended these training classes throughout the years.  When they didn't learn, they don't know how to be good directors in spite of their inherent abilities.  That's why it is so glaringly cynical for them to disparage the Humble Team and to Recall (kick out) these good people from the board today (7/28/15).

I hope the good people among you can show up at today's Freedom West Board Meeting at 7pm to support and to protect the Humble Board you just elected from an illegal and cynical RECALL organized by the incumbent board members who lost the election.  We cannot allow whatever contemptuous mob Mohammed Soriano-Bilal managed to put together to oust these good people and prevent them to serve you.
Felix Fernandez and Chong Park signed in
Blind Curtis Oler and wife Charlene all readied to learn
Charlene and Curtis Oler, David Tse, Felix Fernandez, Khorla Henry, Chong Park
Felix and Chong listened attentively
Reading materials
Curtis Oler, led by wife to the workshop on the floor below
NAHC Treasurer Linda Brockway
Learning Co-op Finance
Lunch, Baby!!
Curtis enjoying soul foods
In first impression, because of his disabilities, Curtis Oler looks slow and lackadaisal.  This is how our society, myself included, look upon disable persons.  It is a social attitude problem, as expounded by Haben Girma's statement printed below.

But you know how he is once he starts to talk.  He exudes knowledge, experience, and wisdom.  More importantly, he has a strong sense of justice and righteousness that combined with dose of indomitable fighting spirit.  I knew Curtis will be a great asset for this Freedom West Humble Board.  This is why I was sickened during election night when a losing candidate and former board member remarked when the election supervisor apologized for his bad penmanship on the board that it doesn't matter because someone can't see anyway.  This type of disparaging remark from a former board member is not acceptable.

Curtis is an inspiration for us all because he knew he would have to overcome attitudinal barrier by many Freedom West residents and shareholders as shown so openly by this former board member.  Every one of us should embrace him as he exhibit the courage, humility, and willingness to endure the belittling attitudes of the pessimists among us.  But you will find out he is an overcomer and one to respect not just for the accomplishments he had before blindness struck but for his will to go beyond his initial questioning of himself to serve all of us.  He knew Freedom West need to fix many things and as part of the Humble Board, he's going to do his part.

If Curtis Oler is willing to serve.  All of us have no reason not to.
Afternoon discussion session
Entertainment afterward
Audience joined in.  Curtis must be tire.  But he persisted.

Fun and learning, my favorite past times
These girls are very dedicated, teenage exemplars
Me, more social networking
Me, back to Freedom West.  Still got to worry about Recall organize by cynical people who don't want to learn and who think they know everything.

The President shared a moving story of how, in the years before Congress passed the ADA, his father-in-law -- who had multiple sclerosis -- would sometimes hold himself back because he didn't want his disability to inconvenience others. With that story, President Obama reminded Americans that "We've got to tear down barriers externally, but we also have to tear down barriers internally."

As someone who has struggled against attitudinal barriers, I loved hearing our President encourage the world to view access for people with disabilities as a civil and human right.

As a deafblind student, I witnessed advocates using the ADA to change social attitudes. The National Federation of the Blind regularly referenced the ADA when explaining to technology developers why designing access for people with disabilities is a necessity and not some optional cherry atop the Silicon Valley sundaes. I heard how the National Association of the Deaf used the ADA to increase closed-captioning online, and how Disability Rights Advocates used the ADA to compel Target's tech team to make their website accessible to blind Americans.

Impressed by the success of the advocates, I felt inspired to join them. Back then, and even now, I encountered so many barriers in the digital world. Not because of my disability, but because of attitudes among tech developers that trivialize access for people with disabilities.

When I entered Harvard Law School, I encountered a serious question: How would a deafblind student succeed? I remember the first time I presented my communication system to a real-live lawyer. I felt many of the insecurities probably experienced by President Obama's father-in-law. Would the lawyer think I was somehow inconveniencing her or slowing her down?

Knowing the power of confidence, I hid my insecurities and put on a smile: "Would you mind typing on this keyboard since I can't hear you? I'll be able to read what you type on this braille display." To my surprise, she started typing.

I started to think that maybe, just maybe, I would survive law school.

Not only does the ADA make it possible for people with disabilities to obtain a world-class education, but it also empowers us to overcome our own insecurities in pursuit of our dreams. Two years after law school, through my work at Disability Rights Advocates, I helped achieve a legal victory in National Federation of the Blind v. Scribd, the second decision to hold that the ADA applies to e-commerce.

Twenty-five years after the ADA, advocates still encounter attitudinal barriers among tech companies that continue to insist that they don't have to provide access for people with disabilities. Given the necessity of accessing online services in today's world, all of us with disabilities will continue to turn to the ADA to tear down barriers.

President Obama leads our nation in the quest to remove external and internal barriers. I received the honor of meeting our President at the White House celebration of the 25th anniversary of the ADA. Even though he had never communicated with a deafblind person through a digital braille display and QWERTY keyboard, he gracefully switched from speaking to typing.

Through our conversation, I experienced the genuine warmth of our President, his attentiveness to people, his understanding of the value of technology in connecting people, and his sincere belief that people with disabilities, like his father-in-law, should never let attitudinal barriers stop us from pursuing our dreams.

Do you have stories of the ADA helping you tear down internal barriers, digital barriers, or physical barriers? Share your stories using the hashtag #OurADAStories.


Haben Girma
Skadden Fellowship Attorney
Disability Rights Advocates

(7/27) Soriano-Bilal and Gang Set Up Jim Crow

Dear Freedom West Friends and Neighbors,

As all of you should have read (except for those who don’t read English) the smearing letter written by Mohammed Soriano-Bilal as well as known about the Tar-and-Feather Session Bilal and Gang serve up the new Board Members tomorrow (7/28/15) evening at 7pm.  (The new board didn’t even has a chance to do anything)
Legal Meeting but Scurrilous Agenda

Bilal & Gang lost the election but attempt to do this to new Board Members

This Board Meeting is legal and must be held but the Recall agenda not.  Nevertheless I encourage all of you to attend to see what this Lawless Bunch up to.  The purpose of Bilal and Gang is to stir up trouble and confusion within the Freedom West community and to void the election they themselves forced to call by HUD.  They pre-planned all these trouble-making activities ahead of time for the contingency of losing this election, which indeed they had.

I am still writing about my analysis of the election and description of what came after.  I am going to out all of them.  It is a human and political drama to behold. Click for my blog-in-progress.

Even though what they are trying to do and achieve are cynical and illegal, go to that meeting still to observe what’s going on and see how this shameful page of Freedom West history unfold.  Make sure you won’t get manipulate by them though.

Good Luck to All of Us,
David Tse
Forever Fighting for You

(As you are reading, I’m still writing this blog, so it is still a work-in-progress.  Please check back for a more mature product.  The reason is that I still have to worry about the tar-and –feather meeting Soriano and Gang put together tomorrow evening at 7pm.  Also I added more to the last blog on my rebuttal to Mohammed Soriano-Bilal letter to all Freedom West shareholders).

Dear Readers,

This posting is a comparison between the traditional ballot direction and the new ballot instruction when the board inserts itself into the voting process.  Although on the surface the changes look innocuous, the result is a gross suppression of voter participation.

Throughout the years Freedom West elections are quite simple.  Ballot packages mailed out to all eligible shareholders, locked ballot box put on the front office counter when anyone can just drop off ballots into the box during office hours and with no office staff intervention.  For those who go to work early and come back late, they could merely drop the ballots into the off-hour office mailbox.  Office staffs just pick up these ballots and drop them into the front counter.  On election whoever hadn’t voted just drop their ballot into the box, which is now moved into the Rec Hall, or ask his acquaintance to drop the ballot for them between 5 and 6pm on election day.  No office staffs were involved on election day, election supervisor Rick Lewis conducted everything throughout his 20+ years in Freedom West’s service.  All elections were ran as smoothly as always, with no complaints of election frauds whatsoever.

Things changed two years when the Board and Kalco Management came on board.  Voting became more difficult.  The ballot box, instead conveniently put on the front counter, back at the back.  Many inconvenience were instituted that never were before.  Their purported reason is to prevent fraud and double counting.

Their reason is spurious because Rick Lewis, an experienced election inspector and an outsider, never thought voter fraud was ever a problem.  Double counting could never happen because the traditional verification process instituted by Mr. Lewis with the help of volunteer shareholders on Election Day made it water-tight.  Board and Management never ever got involved.  They are the one who have private interests at stake and cannot be neutral parties themselves.

The past two years things change, both the Freedom West Board and Kalco Properties Management were actively involved, in the voting process and into election politics.  (still writing)


The election on July 18, 2015 is an unusual election.  Much of it is bought by the malfeasance of the Freedom West Board itself.  I could highlight it by comparing the text of the 2015 election direction with the traditional 2010 direction.

1.      Board Interference Into the Election Process
Traditionally the instruction was written by the third party election inspector Rick Lewis.  This time the direction was amended by the Board Secretary Thomas Ruffin, who is a candidate himself.  Although by law the Secretary can be the one who send out the election packages, but this process should be done operationally only and not creating rules to enhance his own re-election chances or deliberately stifle his opponents.

2.     Number of Open Seats
Normally the 9-members board is elected in a staggered three-year term in which 3 directors are to be elected each year.  This election has 5 between two duly elected members were illegally removed in a sham shareholders meeting held in early 2014.  Board President Mohammed Soriano-Bilal just ram through the hand vote in a haphazard way in which many shareholders don’t even know why they raised up their hands.  When they see other raising their they raised theirs as well.  This author was one of the removed board members.  He didn’t bother to protest because of the mob like atmosphere created by the Board President will make the protest futile.  Taking the Co-op to court is a more viable option but the author does not think it’s good for the community since the co-op is under HUD enforcement.  He just let illegality reigned.
Mohammed Soriano-Bilal then appointed Renita Mason and Arrenia Corbin to fill those seats.  It is the three normal seats plus the two appointed seats that should be open in the September 2014 canceled election

3.      Date of the Election
Traditionally elections should be held during September.  That this particular election is held in July 2015 is because it is a make-up election for 2014.  This election would not be held if it weren’t for prompting from HUD’s Enforcement Center.
The reason given by the Board and its attorney is that it is too busy concerning with HUD and loan refinancing.  The real reason is that it doesn’t want its hidden agenda from being derailed if new board members come in to disagree with its agenda.

The Busyness reason does not fly because the election is handled by a hired third party and not by the Board.  Is the Board Secretary saying he’s so busy that he cannot spend the time to campaign?  It’s like saying the President of the United States cancel the November election because he is too busy dealing with the Federal Reserve, ISIL, or the TPP.  It just doesn’t fly, because the United States had been holding elections in the midst of the Civil War and World War II.  Did Lincoln or FDR cancel the presidential election? No, because the U.S. is run by the rule of law.  Not so the Freedom West Board, it runs by the rule of men and the ruling Bylaws was consistently violated.  Freedom West is run by the rule of power.
The date in which this election is held is also suspicious.  So even for this make up election, the Board kept on dragging it to the very end.  HUD notified the Board to make up the September 2014 election in early 2015 but the Board managed to drag it to June.

Why June became July?  That’s because the Board got caught cheating.

Vice President Renita Mason wanted the board seat but did not want to run.  So the Board instructed the inspector just to list the normal three open seats held by Secretary Thomas Ruffin, Treasurer Samuel Shamonda, and Member Haddis Alemayehu for election.  However, this cheating act was caught by the author on a Friday before the election ballots got printed Monday.  Upon discussion with the Freedom West attorney Julian Davis and Inspector Rick Lewis the “mistake” was corrected to change the number from 3 to 5.
If matter left the way it is the election still would be June because election package still can be printed on Monday with the number changed.  But the weird part is that the Vice President did not sign up the candidate sheet earlier because the Board thought it could get away with the sneak.  If done correctly all the inspector say is that too bad because the nomination process is close already.  But no, power took over and the candidate nomination process started all over again to accommodate the Vice President, hence the one month delay.

4.     Board add in Jim Crow rules to keep itself in power (still writing)

1st page of the 2015 Vote Instruction

2nd page of the 2015 Vote Instruction

page 2 of the old 2010 Vote Instruction. Note it's free of the restrictive provisions of the page 2 above of which I would call Jim Crowing of the Freedom West community.

Black is the Old voting instruction and (Red is the New addition)

 DATE: August 23, 2010 (June 17, 2015)

All members in good standing are entitled to participate in the election of the Board of Directors of Freedom West Homes Corporation. Three (3) (5) members of the Board of Directors are up for election this year (in 2010) (in 2015).
As of the date of this letter, there are 376 (352) members of the Corporation. For this election of Directors to be effective, at least 56 (53) (15%) of the members of record of the Corporation must participate in the vote.
The 3 candidates for election to the Board of Directors, who receive the highest number of votes, shall be elected (to three year terms) to the Board of Directors. (The candidate who receives the fourth highest number of votes shall be elected to a two year term. The candidate who receives the fifth highest number of votes shall be elected to a one year term. Please Note: This one-year term will end in September 2015 when the next Freedom West election is held.)

Instructions for Voting:
1. Mark an "X" next to the name of up to 3 candidates listed on the enclosed ballot.
1.      Do not mark an "X" by more than 3 names. If you place an "X" next to more than 3 names, your ballot will not be counted.
2.      Only vote once for each candidate. Cumulative voting is not allowed. If you mark more than one "X" by any candidate's name, only one vote by you for that candidate will be counted.

Instructions for Completing your Vote by Secret Ballot: Your vote must be by Secret Ballot in accordance with the procedures set forth below:
1.      Once you have voted, put your ballot into the smaller envelope which is marked "BALLOT" and seal it.
2.      Place the smaller envelope into the larger envelope and seal it.
3.      Fill out your name, address and unit number in the location indicated at the left side of the larger envelope and sign it where indicated. For your ballot to be valid, your name, address, unit number and signature must appear on the face of the larger envelope.
4.      Submit the ballot it as directed below. Ballots must be received no later than 6PM on September 25, 2010 (on July 18, 2015).

Jointly Held Memberships:
If your membership is jointly held, you have a right to split your vote, allowing each co-member to cast his/her vote. To do this, you must request a special Joint Ballot from the office.
Instructions will be included with the Joint Ballot explaining how to cast that ballot.
Instructions for Returning the Ballot:
1.     Mail the large envelope to Election Inspector Rick Lewis c/o Freedom West Homes Corp. at 820 McAllister St., San Francisco, CA 94102. Remember: mailed ballots must be received no later than September 25, 2010 (July 18, 2015) .
2.       Drop the large envelope into the designated ballot box located at the Freedom West Homes Corporation office between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Remember: if you decide to drop your large envelope at the Corporation Office, you must put the large envelope into the ballot box at the office by no later than 5:00 PM on Friday, September 24, 2010 (July 17, 2015).
(PLEASE NOTE: A Shareholder may deposit no more than 2 Ballots into the Ballot Box. When depositing a Ballot in the Ballot Box, a Shareholder will be required to show identification, either the Shareholders certificate OR a form of California Picture Identification. If a Shareholder is unable to deposit his or her ballot into the ballot box, they should contact Freedom West Homes Office at 415-929-1011 and request that your ballot be picked up. You will be asked to show identification when your ballot is picked up.)

3.       Bring your ballot to the Freedom West Recreation Hall, 820 McAllister, on Saturday, September 25, 20l0 (July 18, 2015) between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM and place it in the ballot box. If you bring your ballot to the Freedom West Recreation Hall on September 25, 2010 (July 18. 2015), you must bring it before 6:00 PM. Ballots returned after 6:00 PM on September 25,2010 (July 18. 2015) will not be counted. (If you are not able to deposit your ballot into the ballot box on Election Day, please fill out the attached form authorizing someone other than yourself to deposit your ballot.)

Counting of Votes
The polls will close at 6 PM on September 25, 2010 (July 18, 2015). You must return your ballot (in a manner described above) to the Elections Inspector prior to that time. The Elections Inspector will count the votes at a meeting of the Board to be held at 6 PM on September 25, 2010 (July 18, 2015). When the polls close, the Elections Inspector will count the votes and inform members in good standing of the results.
Please note that no ballot will be viewed until 6 PM on September 25, 2010 (July 18, 2015). The large envelopes that you return with your ballot will not be opened until 6 PM on September 25, 2010 (July 18, 2015. When the polls close, the Elections Inspector will count the votes and inform members in good standing of the results.

Please note that no ballot will be viewed until 6 PM on July 18, 2015. The large envelopes that you return with your ballot will not be opened until 6 PM on July 18, 2015.) Therefore, DO NOT place any check to the Corporation, any notes to the Corporation or other documents into the large envelope.

If you have any questions about the voting process, please contact Rick Lewis at (